Whose blog is it anyway?

I told my son I was thinking of starting a blog, just about stuff. Stuff that I liked. Stuff that made my heart happy. Things that people asked me about. Just stuff. He hem-hawed, trying to understand what his mom might talk about. “I mean, c’mon. You’re my MOM.” After a few more hem-haws and certain looks of perplexity, he finally changed to a softened, lopsided grin. “I think that sounds like the best idea you’ve had in a long time!” Obviously he hadn’t paid attention when I talked about the coaching I was doing with people and making a difference. Or the volunteer work I had done that served a good purpose. Or all the people on the side of the road I pick up to give a lift. (In his defense, it probably is NOT a good idea to do that but I do. I firmly and whole heartedly believe that everyone needs a little help sometimes and that is a way I can give that not everyone feels comfortable doing). So, still, who is Hippie-n-Heels? It’s me. Nikki Privitera. Or Durham. I haven’t quite decided if I finally change my name back to my maiden name. It’s not my son’s last name so I don’t have a tie there and I have to S-P-E-L-L I-T O-U-T every single time. Why Hippie-n-Heels? I have always been what I consider a little “hippie” and maybe I was born a decade too late. Maybe it’s because I grew up with siblings 9-12 years older than me so as a child I was in the midst of Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills and Nash (probably still Young back then), The Mamas and the Papas, ELO, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix etc etc. I swooned over John Lennon posters with my sister and burned incense with my brother. Maybe it was that I was a little free spirited and really never thought that rules applied to me. I believed I was here to make the world a better place. I even wrote to President Reagan (and got a return letter!) to ask why can’t we just have world peace? I was 11 years old and running barefoot in the grass! Then I grew up. Not a bad thing, I just discovered new things. I discovered things besides culture at the local AMC theatre. I discovered fine dining beyond Olive Garden. I discovered formal charity events where I got to dress to the nines and help others. I discovered a professional life. You know, adult things. I got trapped in the adult world for a long time but there were a few things that lingered inside of me. I always loved the feel of grass on my bare feet. I always wondered why grandma would put the needle and thread in the eraser of a pencil and hold it over a wrist to see what sex a baby would be. I always wondered how certain smells would make me feel a certain way. I lived a dual life almost. My chosen profession was healthcare - a nurse anesthetist to be specific. Very science based and very immediate gratification. If someone doesn’t get to sleep fast enough, give more meds. Something is broken in your body? Have surgery - it will fix it. You hurt? There are drugs for that. Have a sniffle? Go to the ER. I was brainwashed! The saddest part for me was that I raised my son that way. I am convinced (and so is he) that his current health issues stem from “do whatever you want and if something goes wrong there’s a fix for it”. WOW. That appalls me now, but that is what I knew then. Rather, what I didn’t know then. Sometime in there though, I started experimenting with thoughts from my past that lingered. Those smells that make me feel a certain way? I started using essential oils. Grandma’s pencil trick? I started studying energy work. Barefoot in the grass? Who knew? I had been Earthing. So now I live a blended life. A life rooted in science - both old and new. I have discovered that “old science” (you know, the stuff that was around for hundreds/thousands of years before Encyclopedia Britannica) is a really good go to and that taking care of ourself in the first place should be the actual goal. I also know that “new science” (think everything from Newton on) is also needed - at times. Hippie-n-Heels = Modern woman living the blended life of old and new, being happy, and (still) wanting world peace. Hippie-n-Heels = Nikki. From the words of Sam Cooke, “I do know that I love you, And I know if you love me too, What a wonderful world this would be.”