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Do you have fitness or personal goals that you want to meet? Let natural supplements give you that extra push. The Hippy Heart carries a wide variety of supplements. We've got everything you need to live your best life, from all-natural coffee to detoxifying teas.

All of our supplements are high-grade, not food grade. We only support supplements that are superior to "food grade" supplements. What does that mean? That means that we think it is important for your body to actually get and use the ingredients of the intended supplement. The products we support are tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the integrity and the bio-availability (your body able to use). Often food grade supplements are the rows of supplements found at major retail chains, grocery stores and even some of the more common "health" stores. The ingredients do need to be in the product, but none of it needs to be in the form your body can use! In fact, most of what is in those products are fillers. Yes. Fillers.

High-grade vs. food grade supplements: High-grade supplements, 85% of the product is bioavailable to the body. With food grade supplements, which is commonly found in major retailers, only has to have trace amounts of the ingredient in the product. None of it is required to be bioavailable.

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Live well with natural supplements

Live well with natural supplements

We're proud to offer a wide variety of supplements, teas and products designed to assist with:

  • Energy
  • Weight loss
  • Bodily toxins
  • Mental clarity

Discover your inner goddess today by purchasing your natural supplements from us! You'll feel energized and ready to rake on whatever life throws your way.


Disclaimer: As with any new health care routine, please consult with your doctor prior to taking any of our supplements. While our items are safe to consume, there may be unknown interactions with medications you take.

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