How Does The Hippy Heart fit in with Hippie-n-Heels?

Yeah, I know. They are spelled differently. I first decided I wanted to blog as my outlet. A place for me to share my stuff. I had never really been a writer so most of my stuff was short, and on video or quote graphics or whatever. With my heart of hearts I was looking for what I really wanted to do with my share. What I really wanted was a place for people like me to feel like they had a home base of sorts. A one stop shop for our hectic lives where a kindred spirt would say, “yeah, I like that too.” Whether that was a quote graphic that was just what was needed for the day or the perfect honey pot. You see, I am a varied woman. I like nice things (the “heels” portion) but I also really like practical. I literally have gone straight from hiking solo on trails for days getting so very grungy to being in front of others and conferences in Washington D.C. I also know there are thousands of women out there like me! I know this because I have connected with many personally. I always laugh when I am with some girlfriends of mine all dressed up or at a party and they throw out “I just love all your hippie sh*t!”. I also know this because when I decided to grab a domain for a commerce store - so much was already taken! Hence - The Hippy Heart. Because that’s what I have. What’s the goal? To share what makes my heart happy. To create a place for women like me to go find something that makes their heart happy. To create a community, of sorts, of modern women attempting to live a more natural life amongst the chaos of our world. The goal is to make you smile, give you a lift, feel connected. How can that happen from a store? Join the list. Join the facebook group. It’s a baby now, but you’ll get to watch it grow.