7 Things to be Healthy at Home

7 Things to be Healthy at Home

Try One Each Day of the Week!

  • Routine: Get up at the same time every day and go to bed at relatively the same time every day. Weekends included. Your body needs the time at night to rest and repair.
  • You Time:Take as much time getting ready for bed as you do getting dressed in the morning. Some things you may incorporate into the bedtime routine is a few minutes deep breathing; Truly washing your face... and feet. (Women, you may opt to try using organic coconut oil as a makeup remover. You may also mix with brown sugar for a great exfoliator).
  • Leave all personal digital devices alone until you are dressed:This includes email and social media. A good way to do this? Keep
    your cell phone away from your bed. You'll be decreasing EMF at the same time!
  • Breakfast: Why start your day on fumes? It will also help with
    weight loss if you are not starting with all sugared carbs. Have some protein or bone broth.
  • Get outside: Go for a walk and deliberately notice the colors, the smells or the sounds. Choose one sense and focus on that one for that
    walk Put your feet in grass. Literally. This doesn't mean walking barefoot - just put your bare feet on the ground. Connect with nature.
  • Plan your exercise:Without a plan, it rarely gets done. It doesn't need to be elaborate, just intentional.
  • Have a spirit of appreciation: Every morning when waking, appreciate the things in your life for which you are thankful. Then every evening before sleep appreciate the things that happened that day. A good place for this? A bedside journal.
  • Smile. Dance. Sing: Smile at yourself in the mirror for 17 seconds - it is the most beautiful person you will see that day. Dance like no one is looking - it keeps you nimble. Sing like you are on American Idol even if for a few seconds - it increases your lungs!